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About Us

About Us

The IMPAKT Film Festival (IFF) in Burundi is a powerful initiative that harnesses the power of cinema to promote awareness of human rights. The festival showcases a variety of films, including feature films, documentaries, and short films, all designed to shed light on the pressing human rights issues faced by the people of Burundi and the East African region.

By screening these films in Kirundi and French, with sign language interpretation, IFF ensures accessibility for the local audience. Beyond film screenings, IFF enriches the experience through masterclasses, panel discussions, and workshops that bring together a diverse group of participants.

IFF also supports Burundian filmmakers by providing opportunities to tell their own stories and develop their creative skills. By amplifying marginalized voices, including those of young Burundians and women, IFF promotes inclusivity and demonstrates the importance of diverse perspectives in the discourse on human rights.

Furthermore, the festival facilitates dialogue among stakeholders, including decision-makers, bridging the gap between communities and those in positions of power. This engagement increases the likelihood that human rights concerns will be addressed at a higher level.